Rescue Rx Project

Rescue Rx

The initial idea for this project was started back in 2010, at that time with only the Winnipeg Humane Society in mind, but I have since decided to open it up and promote as many rescues as I can. Spread the love, I say!! I did set this project aside when I was selected for the Rural Arts Mentorship Program in the fall of 2011 to focus my efforts o…n that experience, but now I’m back!!! There is no doubt in my mind that I enjoy painting animals more than any other subject, so why fight it??!


Photo credit Adrian Alleyne, Beausejour Review

Photo credit Adrian Alleyne, Beausejour Review

About the Rescue Rx Project! 

The purpose of this project to highlight GOODNESS in the world, raise awareness of the different rescues out there and a way for me to help generate funds for these groups working so hard to care for the animals in need.

Photo and story submissions as well as work in progress updates will be posted on my facebook page,  Please note, by sending me an email or posting a photo, you are granting permission for that image to be utilized by me to create work for resale.What the project entails is utilizing images from various rescues and rehabilitation organizations (with their permission, of course!) as well as collecting stories and images from adopters (that could be you!) of rescued animals to inspire artwork.  These works will take the form of paintings, sketches, drawings or sculptures.  Once a large enough body of work has been completed I will hold an exhibition (I’m thinking late 2014, early 2015….UPDATE: Rescue Rx 2015 AUGUST 2 – 26, 2015 at Wayne Arthur Gallery) with 50% of the selling price from each piece being donated to the group that inspired the work.

Not everyone can find the time, space or funds to adopt a pet of their own, or add another, but most have a little space available at home, the cottage or in the office to place artwork. It’s a win-win, get an original piece

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