The ‘sKNOWflake’ series is an exploration of social hypocrisy, individual accountability, balance, repetition and cumulative effects. Each digital work was created by using Smart Phone technology to operate a portable virtual studio. The birth of each flake starts with a ‘guerilla’ style image taken on the move with my iPhone, most as a passenger while traveling, but sometimes I am driving and pull over to get out and capture an image. The image is then manipulated through various apps and combined with screenshots of articles, graphs, charts and jargon related to the original photo and often referencing various points of view on a trending environmental topic. Once each digital image is complete it is then printed on canvas. Some I have taken a step further and ‘Modified’, by hand, with various materials such as gold leaf, paint, embroidery, beads and found objects juxtaposing contemporary against traditional, handmade against manmade.

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”– Stanislaw Jerzy Lec