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Midwinter Day's Dream

Midwinter Day’s Dream, Digital Collage, 2016

GARSON QUARRY, MB – Lori Zébière is a mixed media artist and craftsperson who enjoys experimenting with traditional and contemporary mediums, ancient skills and modern techniques.

The Boreal Chorus Studio is located 30 minutes northeast of Winnipeg on a small park-like setting which provides Lori a creative haven, an abundance of inspiration and ample opportunity to interact with nature.


I am a painter of pictures, spinner of yarns, nålbinder of mittens and lover of all creatures great through small.  I use of a variety of mediums to explore how opposing and contrary forces can be complimentary, interrelated and even necessary in the natural world for balance.

Animals factor heavily into my work and are dear to my heart. Many works focus on the complexities of the human-animal relationship by exploring deep emotional ties, bonds, barriers, walls and differentiations that we are capable of constructing between ourselves, pets, livestock and wildlife through our capacity to humanize and anthimorphize some species; or completely commercialize and exploit others.

My textile work allows me to also incorporate pet, wild and farm animals into the work as well as experience and connect with my ancestral roots by learning and using a historic methods to create functional art items with an environmental conscience. Mindful Mittens and Thinking Caps are crafted using an ancient method of textile construction known as nålbinding and are designed to make you think. Nålbinding is a slow process that predates knitting and crochet; yet yields an exceptionally warm and durable textile, perfect for making and wearing during Canadian winters! Every nålbound stitch carries a timely message: how individual small actions of the past and present add up over time to create the future. I select renewable, environmentally-friendly, locally farmed and sourced raw materials to create whenever possible; choosing to add a priceless Labour of Love & Caring component to every piece I create.

Lori Zébière
Box 257, Garson Quarry, MB CANADA R0E 0R0

2016 On Thin Ice, Duo Show with Michele Campbell, Cre8ery, Winnipeg, MB
2015 Rescue Rx, Wayne Arthur Gallery, MB
2011 Wild Beauty and Untamed Beasts, Duo Show with Michele Campbell, Wayne Arthur Gallery, MB
2010 Herstory, Duo Show with Naomi Gerrard, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2009 New Works, Maple Grove Teahouse, St. Andrews, MB
2008 Tea-time Florals, Maple Grove Teahouse, St. Andrews, MB

2017 INTO the MIX, Milidrag Group, Warehouse Artworks, Winnipeg, MB
2016 Manitoba Fibre Art Exhibition, Manitoba Fibre Festival 2016, Winnipeg, MB
2015 Hand It To Craft 2015, Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, Winnipeg, MB
2013 Herding Cats, Artistic Soulz Group, Selkirk Community Arts Centre, Selikirk, MB 2012 10th Annual Rural & Northern Art Show, Manitoba Arts Network, Pavilion Gallery,Winnipeg, MB
2012 MSA 110, Manitoba Society of Artists Group Show, cre8ery, Winnipeg, MB
2012 Birds of a Feather, Milidrag Group, Exchange Community Church, Winnipeg, MB
2012 Authentic Transformation, Manitoba Arts Network Rural Arts Mentorship Program,MAWA, Winnipeg, MB
2011 A is for ART, Milidrag Group, Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg, MB 2011 Eastern Influences, Eastern Manitoba Artists Co-op Group Show, cre8ery,Winnipeg, MB
2010 The Untitled Show, Gallery Artists Annual Exhibition, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2010 Art to the Rescue 2, Juried Exhibition & Fundraiser, Galerie Ouest, St. Anne de Bellevue, QC
2010 In Your Face, Milidrag Group, Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2010 New Works, Artistic Soulz Group, Maple Grove Teahouse, St. Andrews, MB
2009 50 Manitoba Stories, Gallery Artists Annual Exhibition, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Wpg, MB
2009 A Taste of the East, Eastern Manitoba Artists Co-op Member Show, cre8ery,Winnipeg, MB.
2009 New Works, Artistic Soulz Group, Maple Grove Teahouse, St. Andrews, MB
2008 Every Story has a Picture, Annual Exhibition, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Wpg, MB
2008 Transitions, Oil Pastel Society, On-line Show.
2008 Beautiful Me-dium, Milidrag Group, group piece within group show, Cre8ery Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2008 Eastern Manitoba Artists Co-op Annual Member Show, Gwen Fox Gallery, Selkirk, MB
2008 Tea-time Florals, Maple Grove Teahouse, St. Andrews, MB
2007 Every Picture Tells a Story, Annual Exhibition, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Wpg, MB.
2007 Winnipeg Sketch Club 90th Annual Juried Exhibition, Label For Artists Gallery,Wpg, MB
2007 Emerging, Oil Pastel Society, On-line Show
2007 Painting Is Not My Hobby, Milidrag Group, Adelaide McDermot Gallery, Winnipeg, MB

2015 Natural Dye Workshop, Kelly Ruth, MAWA, Wpg, MB.
2014 Accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, School of Art, University ofManitoba, Wpg, MB.
2011 to 2014  Part-time BFA Art History studies University of Manitoba, Wpg, MB 2011 Rural Arts Mentorship Program, Manitoba Arts Network & MAWA
2007 to 2012  Mentored by Milos Milidrag, Wpg, MB
2012  Fairy Tales & Monsters Workshop, Diana Thorneycroft, WAG, Winnipeg, MB
2011  Print making, Karen Cornelius, Arts West Retreat, Clear Lake, MB
2009  Oil Pastel Workshop, Graham Clarke, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2007  Figure Drawing, Milos Milidrag, Winnipeg, MB
2006  Winnipeg Art Gallery Abstract Drawing, Milly Giesbrecht, Winnipeg, MB