Back at the easel and WIP to share!


Work in progress, ‘Phillip’, 12″x16″, mixed media on canvas, 2016


What’s that old saying a change is as good as a rest?  Truth be told, I had become a bit bored and disillusioned with painting, so over the last 10 months I decided to take a break and went exploring into the digital and fibre worlds.  Well, I’m happy to say that my painting ‘mojo’ returned this weekend; I picked up the brushes and returned to the easel….it felt good!!!  Like REALLLLY good.

Here are a few more pics of ‘Phillip’, my work in progress. Not finished yet, still a lot more work and light to add on his face, and then to push back his tail and back leg back a bit more…. but over all I’m pleased with the progress and really love the pose.   NOW….just to keep it loose on the finishing touches and not over work things!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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