OK, here goes….my photo journal.

So I love the idea of blogging, journaling and diaries, but some how I can never seem to get in the habit of actually doing it. I’m not a good writer and when I sit down to blog or journal I always feel blank and overwhelmed…where I begin?? BUT (enter thing that might make this attemp successfull) I do LOVE to take photos, LOTS of photos, photos of anything and everything. Taking so many to a point where my cell phone and every memory card I own is bursting at full capacity. Yes, its an obsession. That said, I ask myself, what am I ever going to do with all these images!?!?? Sure I use some of them for art reference from time to time, but seriously I’m a digital hoarder. So I have decided to share them with the world (whether the world needs or wants them is a topic for another day….maybe even a blog post of its own?!?😆) by simply creating a photo journal and see where it goes. It’s really just a diary of sorts, and will probably be as interesting as watching paint dry,  but I might as well give it a rip and see if I can, at the very least, do it on a consistent basis.

Here goes…..

Yesterday’s excitement around the yard was the baby squirrels. Fighting, wrestling and chasing each other all around the oaks, bird feeders and the old well.  It was total pandemonium and cuteness overload! There were about five of them all together, but it was hard to count exactly as they were zipping around so fast I wasn’t quite sure if I was seeing them all!! 


Thanks for stopping by and hope you have great day!

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