Botanical Illustration – Back to basics.



Workshop results, pansy illustration with color pencils by Lori Zebiere

 I spent two wonderful afternoons this past weekend, hanging out with a bunch of other creatives; chit-chatting about plants and gardening; and of course, the reason we were all there, drawing flowers during MAWA’s Botanical Illustration Workshop instructed by Linda Fairfield.

Linda Fairfield teaching Botanical Illustration workshop at MAWA, June 2016

Botanical Illustrations by Linda Fairfield

I signed up for this workshop with a goal in mind to do more drawings of the flora and fauna around my studio.  Instead of looking outside for inspiration, I feel the need right now to turn inwards and examine my daily life. I also have a plein-air workshop coming up at Falcon Trails Resort, July 9th for the same purpose, to help me get outside in my own yard and paint or draw.

Having never done botanical illustration work before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but thought I’d keep an open mind and have fun with it.  I have done technical drafting, so there were some similarities regarding scale, notations, etc. if you really want to be old school and follow the illustration ‘rules’, but I’m not interested in being hardcore about the process at this point, I still want a certain art, not completely illustration to the works. What I was surprised by was how much I enjoyed taking that step back-to-basics by slowing down and drawing from life again. It was quite relaxing, almost meditative work, studying our plants, focusing on their tiniest details. Quite literally, taking time to stop and smell the roses!!


A pretty table set-up of a couple other participants. Talk about a beautiful workshop!  Flowers, flowers, everywhere!!!

Thanks taking the time to stop by!

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