My Peony Passion



ohhhhhh, I do love peonies, there is no doubt.  I’ve been wanting a peony bed here on our property since the day we moved in….10 years ago!  Where does the time go?! After much discussion, finally,  last summer (year #9) we decided to build a raised bed around our ugly hydro pole that sits obstructing the view in the centre of the yard.  Around this pole has always been a low spot that water tends to pond and after a rain is messy to cut so hubby was happy to see it covered….providing, I not let it become a weed bed.  Done I said!  And off we went!

<normally I would insert a photo of the project here, but for some unknown reason I didn’t take any!!!!?!??  GASP!!!!!  I am not quite sure if they got deleted or if I really didn’t take any, which is completely unlike me, but would be Murphy’s Law because of the thousands of photos I do have I don’t have the one I want! LOL!>

My dear friend Darlene gifted me four beautiful peony plants to get things started. Two heritage style single bloom variety, which have been passed down in her family for nearly 100 years!  Talk about heritage!!  I had never seen a single variety and they certainly didn’t disappoint!  They bloomed earlier than the others which was a welcomed sight!

As well as two gorgeous double whites which are still going strong nearing the end of June, with an intoxicating fragrance out of this world. So strong that walking in our pasture on the east of them I even caught a faint smell!

As well last fall I purchased from a couple bubble gum pink doubles, and they have come and gone in between the ones Darlene gave me so that was perfect blooming choreography.  The pinks were also quite fragrant, although not as strongly scented as the white. Their bright pink buds reminded me of giant gumballs, I’ve nicknamed them my Hubba Bubba peonies. lol

Sounds like this project has now received the Husband Stamp of Approval….as this week we just had a conversation about how this bed is over flowing we need to build another one adjacent to this, or even adding a series of raised beds!?!!  Perhaps my peony collecting obsession can continue to grow!?!  😉

Next on my acquisition list…… some of these big bright deep magentas!  We went for my birthday dinner at Pineridge Hollow this year (…and it was awesome! Might even have to make that an annual occurrence!) then walked through their gardens afterwards. Their peony beds are definitely something to envy!!  So beautiful. ❤

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